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trouble with Create Gallery Page

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Joined: 23 Oct 2006
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 23, 2006 10:37 am    Post subject: trouble with Create Gallery Page Reply with quote

when ever i clisck on Create Gallery Page i get an error

WordPress database error: [Data truncated for column 'comment_status' at row 1]
insert into wp_posts (post_author,post_date,post_date_gmt,post_content,post_title,post_category,post_excerpt,post_status,comment_status,ping_status,post_password,post_name,to_ping,pinged,post_modified,post_modified_gmt,post_content_filtered,post_parent,guid,menu_order) values ('1','2006-10-22 23:35:38','2006-10-22 23:35:38','<!--lazy-k-gallery-->','Gallery','0','Gallery','static','','','','gallery','','','2006-10-22 23:35:38','2006-10-22 23:35:38','<!--lazy-k-gallery-->','0','','0')
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Site Admin

Joined: 13 Oct 2006
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Location: United States

PostPosted: Mon Oct 23, 2006 6:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ok, thanks for the report. I'll take a look into it. It seems to be working fine for most, but that feature is pretty new and kind of experimental. I was hoping Wordpress would have provided a safer way of creating that page.

You can easily create the page manually to get you up and running. It's listed in the "Advanced setup" section of the instructions. Let me know if you need any help!
Korey - Developer of Lazy-K Gallery
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 5:58 am    Post subject: spyder jackets Reply with quote

Men's spyder jackets wild combat classes February 10, 2009 Tuesday, 14:50, as the most common and styles to fit the simplest, jackets since the birth of what has so far not much change in style, but it is easy because the design of jacket , giving it has become the wild habits of the basic single-product all the conditions. How to make use of different materials the interaction between single-and maximize the potential excavated SSYS jacket, which will become men at before going out on their own with combat dress for an important course.

Men's fashion jackets wild
Modern work

Lightweight jacket to give office workers a great day-to-day activities of convenience, in addition to providing warmth, the use of shine cloth jacket surface is produced with high-profile fashion attitude. Selected white-collar workers should not be too garish jacket, but simple in style on some of the details into the ingenious mind, and full of personality with an exquisite item, you can contrast that waver in their working environment outside the touch of modern temperament.

Shoulder bag: briefcase and hands compared with spyder jackets, one-strap backpack same side of their loved ones are working, but it can have a more leisurely unique property. One-strap backpack from the vision on the side for the upper body increased the level of a sense of restrained style design with metal buckle create a bit rough feeling, combines a jacket able characteristics of workers to highlight the arbitrary and manly men.

Shoes: The shoes have been replaced by gas round fashionable pointed shoes, a white-collar workers are at the front should be the first thing to do. Pointed shoes will give people an impression of cold temperament, together with the jacket, more easily distributed in the job still has a keen fashion attitudes personal characteristics.

For the purposes of jacket collar open, a colorful scarf monochrome but not only makes you feel warmer and more abundant overall color clothing.

Men's fashion jackets wild
Elegant house man

Whether it is a simple style can be wild, or to facilitate the design of easy to wear off, jacket has always been low-key personality of the house who were male, day-to-day home of choice for upload. Dress home is first and foremost pay attention to comfort, in the selection of clothes with the first from the soft, warm and breathable fabric of the best starting point. Second, in color and style should not be exaggerated respect, should be clean with the color characteristics of the style of leisure-oriented.

Knitted vest: light blue for the original boring brisk deep tone injected a glimmer of vitality, both as a lining when wearing a jacket, or took off his jacket and shirt after the match, knitted vests have given the men's clothing at more freedom and the possibility of many.

Jeans: at informal occasions, a pair of jeans and jackets are the most understanding of the relationship between the golden partner. Both have the same characteristics of mutual integration of leisure, will not bring a sense of uncomfortable restraint, stay at home playing video, or go out of door spyder jackets, both from the combination will create a mood at the pleasure.

If you want to break the body color of this criticism is too monotonous and wearing belts be modeling chic points will have large effects.

Men's fashion jackets wild
Urban Knight

Despite the cold winter, the real has the guts to walk northwest wind drag racing or riding around the Cavalier spyder jackets is very small, but the lines of tough, rough shape, full of masculine atmosphere Cavalier loaded, but has always been young men have type dress. After treatment of patent leather and leather shirt jacket material is full of wild beauty trousers, boots Straight modified to build more tall and straight, with little of the male are also evil charm.
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2009 12:41 am    Post subject: The research report China hair straightener industry Reply with quote

China's industrial development hair straightener problems, many can not be optimistic about the situation, such as irrational industrial structure, industry focus on labor-intensive products; technology-intensive products significantly behind the advanced industrial countries; decisive role factors of production are being eroded; industrial energy consumption, output of the low rate of serious environmental pollution, the magnitude of natural resources; the overall size of small enterprises, technological innovation capability is weak, backward, such as the management level.

What is the point of view of China from the hair straightener industry in the development of browser? The way of China's straight hair device industry level of development? China straight hair positioning device industry and what are the prospects? China hair straightener industry and the current economic problem associated degrees how hot ... ... and so on, are straight hair device industry must face and solve the problem - the straight hair device industry has come to a fork; China straight hair browser industrial production enterprises urgently needed to choose the direction of development.

China straight hair device industry research report addresses the browser world, straight hair of the development process of industry, analysis of China's hair straighteners with the gap between the status quo of industrial development, ground-breaking concept of "straight hair new browser industry" and the concept of alternative industries, in Based on this, from the four dimensions that is "people-oriented", "scientific and technological innovation", "environmentally friendly" and "future-oriented" and accurate definition of the term "new type of straight hair device industry" and substitute products connotations. Under the "new browser industry straight hair" and substitutes the evaluation system and quantitative indicators of the system, from a new perspective on China's industrial development straight hair browser conducted a deduction and precise prediction, on this basis, China's administrative divisions and four major metropolitan area of the straight hair device industry conducted a comprehensive study.
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