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Page jumps back to top after clicking 'next'

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2007 10:50 pm    Post subject: Page jumps back to top after clicking 'next' Reply with quote

My galleries are working fine but each time I click next the page refresh's and jumps back up to the top, which is extremely frustrating when there is a lot of photos! Is there any way around this? Using WP V2.2 Lightbox from http://www.m3nt0r.de/blog/lightbox-wordpress-plugin/ (Although it aint working with the Gallery)

Is is possible to just display a few photos in a post from each gallery rather than all of them? I have 30+ images in each gallery so having a thumb for every one takes up alot of space on the site page!
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 06, 2009 1:41 am    Post subject: about nike history I know Reply with quote

NIKE baskets shoes in the functional status of the leaders already in the minds of consumers access to certain functionality provided excellent protection and exercise of the people can not think of one form of diversification of the first sports brand to win the title.
Air-cushion, NIKE baskets are proud people of the world an important science and technology, according to the needs and the functionality of shoes of different air-cushion, such as golf shoes and in-line pulley shoes required due to less shock absorber function of the sensors used on the ground than the direct and sole thin [ZOOM AIR], to minimize the shoes are too high from the ground have the feeling of distortion.
And sandals because young people jump or walk with the gravel road when the discomfort caused by using strong shock absorbers and thicker [AIR MAX]. In the original [AIR MAX] based on coupled with a number of semi-circular ball composed of [TUNED AIR], be able to cushion the impact from the ground, and to provide suitable stability to allow spring-like air as if to increase flexibility, provide the best shock protection. Also because of the role of semi-circular ball vertically from top to bottom are more stable cushion of resilience, even when settled or have left-right phenomenon [TUNED AIR] feet up will also return to the normal position, to allow the movement of feet more smooth.
NIKE's easy introduction
NIKE Inc., headquartered in the United States Oregon Beaverton, for all types of sports and fitness activities in the design and marketing sports footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories, a world leader. Founded in 1972, its predecessor, the incumbent president Phil Knight NIKE and in 1967 developed the first wearable by light nylon running shoes marathon coach of bill investment company Blue Ribbon Sports. In 1973, the nation's 10,000 meters to 2000 meters running all records creators Perry became the first sports wear NIKE shoes, track and field athletes. In 1978, NIKE International was formally established, NIKE shoes into Canada, Australia, Europe and South America and other overseas markets, in one fell swoop as the world's highest sports products market share brands.
NIKE companies running shoes from a small production company started, has been committed to innovation and design, and constantly increase input, with a view to producing athletes can improve the performance of products. In China, NIKE as early as 1994 with 4 A A football club sponsorship agreement signed. At the same time, also with the men's basketball, women's basketball team to maintain close relations of cooperation. The company also is committed to sports stars of the culture and opportunities for young people to participate in sports. 96-97 years NIKE companies sponsor Jianlibao Chinese youth team to study in Brazil. Established the first three pairs of 3 basketball, NIKE High School Men's Basketball League, Youth Football Super Cup-resistant and so on.
NIKE slogan "Just Do It" and "There's No Finish Line" is NIKE score of all the best to prove: the past will never be successful, only a future-style.
Track and field coaches Bill.Bowerman (USA) Middle and Long Distance Runners Phil.Night (USA)
Set up during the
Name significance
Greece win the name of the goddess
Symbolizes the Greek winged goddess of victory SWOOSH (feathers), represents a "speed + movement."
At present, operators
By the founder of the operation.
Nationality is an
American Brands
NIKE company's development history
Phil. Naite - young distance athletes + Bill. Packet thalmann excellent track and field coaches, the two cooperate to provide the best performance for athletes products.
The establishment of Blue Ribbon Sports (BLUE RIBBON SPORTS), the two shook hands with 500 U.S. dollars plus an equal future NIKE company.
Jeff. Johnson & Johnson (Jeff Johnson) ------ BRS's first full-time employees.
Innovative CORTEZ, BOSTON running shoes.
NIKE & SWOOSH ------ dream goddess Success, NIKE Inc. was officially established. NIKE have begun to enjoy the sport shoes of their own products, the first running shoes are popular.
WAFFLE "egg cake" outsole ------ lighter, more durable.
Fang Ting (Prefontaine )------ first NIKE champion. Because of their strong fighting spirit and indomitable spirit, and hailed as NIKE's "soul."
Downwind (Tailwind) running shoes, the first dual-use of NIKE AIR-SOLE patented air-cushioned shoes. NIKE Oregon, headquartered in Beaverton to set up.
Ekin establishment.
Star Michael Jordan and the first generation of AIR JORDAN basketball series launched NIKE companies are the most successful sponsorship investment.
Reset NIKE headquarters in Beaverton campus of the world (World Campus).
------ AIR180 perspective shows that type air-cushion.
AIR HUARACHE ------ foot-shaped stickers support technology.
AIR MAX ------ cushion Wang.
AIR MAX ------ square cushion technology portfolio.
NIKE Football Federation and Brazil signed ten years, will lead the world of football into the person's status.
Zoom AIR ------ cushion the impact.
Tuned AIR ------ adjustable air cushion.
NIKE SHOX technology.
NIKE China's Internet propaganda in full swing, has signed Sina - China's top integrated network of web sites and good shoes - the shoes, the top cultural site.
[Shoe technology]
Uppers - can provide support, protection, and air permeability, and to ensure that the foot placed in the correct location.
Leather (Leather) - Comfort, or foot, surface tension, and has been recognized as valuable to consumers, but the extension of its easy deformation.
Artificial skin rubbing (Synthetic Leather) - with the leather quality is similar to, but lighter than the true but this is not easy deformation.
Man-made fabric (mesh fabric Mesh) - used for light and ventilation requirements of the shoes, such as running shoes.
Outsole - to provide friction and wear resistance, external shocks are the first line of defense.
Carbon Rubber (Carbon Rubber) - an excellent performance of wear-resistant materials, is the only one left of the rubber seal. Generally used for running shoes on.
Hard Rubber (Solid Rubber) - the most commonly used rubber. Stable performance, wear-resistant anti-skid. Commonly used in basketball shoes, shoes Almighty.
Wear-resistant rubber (DRC - Durable Rubber Compound) - named Reith Italy, is a resilient and durable rubber. Especially suitable for the manufacture of tennis shoes.
Natural Rubber (Natural Rubber) - soft, but not wearable. But it is excellent friction was used in the manufacture of a number of indoor sports shoes, such as volleyball and badminton.
Green rubber (Regrind) - A contains 10% of the waste rubber abrasion-resistant material. Can reduce the waste of rubber, and has played the role of environmental protection.
Inflatable rubber (Duralon) rubber containing air. When subject to external shocks, rubber inside the pressurized gas that has a cushioning effect.
Rubber adhesive (Sticky Rubber) soles for bodybuilding, has a good anti-skid effect.
In the end - be able to provide cushioning, stability and bending, and shoes are the most important part.
EVA - foam materials, light, cost of materials at the end of the end.
PHYLON (dragon) - light-weight material, weight very light, flexible texture, a slightly higher cost of materials. Because of their wrinkles will produce small and easy to identify.
PU - (Polyurethane) - Polyurethane, three kinds of materials it is the most resilient, the highest intensity. Smooth, and has a rubber texture.
In the end - the inner part of women's shoes at the end of a W marking the end of the shoes inside are specifically for high arch Oriental women designed to better support the arch,comfortable.
AIR (Air) - is divided into built-in, showing style.
Air Max - 1994 was launched, it will be high-pressure methods NIKE AIR poured into a resilient synthetic rubber layer, thicker than the Zoom Air. It has created a multi-range, multi-pressure air cushion. No matter how and when his legs were strong impact, both feet will be the focus area of low pressure fell (5PSI) site; and the stability of the strongest legs required, the focus will fall on the high-pressure zone air (25PSI ) positions. in the different nature of exercise, Air Max be able to provide the most impact protection.
Zoom Air - thin, flat design, the impact will be the pressure of rapid decentralization, will be poured into the built- NIKE air flexible three-dimensional fabric of the airbags, it is a speed-type players for the development of air cushioning. The technology is to enable large volume into a cushioning to relieve the tremors, the result of its legs are so closer to the ground, to strengthen stability. Smooth shape of the shoes to alleviate the weight of its performance are explosive.
Total Air - 1998 The Big Mac was introduced in air-cushion, air cushion than ever part of the first metacarpal grew 1.5 centimeters.
Tuned Air - an integrated-type air-cushion cushioning containing hemisphere-shaped cushioning system, be able to provide maximum force protection, stability and comfort, hemispheric body deformation can provide changes in air pressure. TN Air contains PBAX thermoplastic materials, has a resume fast, wear-resistant rub, light, flexible and suited to the characteristics of thickness, the hemispheric body pressure 20PSI, air-cushion pressure for 5PSI.
Flexible Air (flexible air cushion) - Air containing curved slot interface, can provide the flexibility of bending.
DRI-FIT (patent perspiration cloth) - Express perspiration fiber technology, and its waterproof microfiber lining, hydrophilic outer layer, the skin can be quickly sent to the sweat clothes surface and quickly evaporate, and maintain the body's dry comfortable and constant temperature.
THERMA-FIT (warm cloth Patent) - warm fiber science and technology is a double-sided fabric brush, containing the ultra-fine brushed polyester fiber, be able to effectively maintain the temperature, and the lightest weight, smallest size best to keep out the cold wind effects, thermal characteristics of its light far better than traditional wool fabrics.
CLIMA-FIT (patented water resistant cloth) - water resistance technology fiber, high water-based exclusion of ultra-fine polyester fibers, not only can anti-wind rain, but also an excellent air permeability performance.
STORM-FIT (patented waterproof cloth) - A specially developed for extreme weather in the exercise designed to make it water-bearing layer and PU waterproof GORE-TEX coating technology, firm and good waterproof and breathable to prevent rain, hail and snow , be able to use when the raincoat. Such fabrics due to cost, at present there is no domestic market.
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